Introducing the Best Photography Learning Tool Ever

Learn photography without leaving your computer

Camera Simulator Pro visually explains the controls of a DSLR camera.
Using specially designed example images this set of “must have” tools
lets you learn by experiencing the effects of various settings.


It’s a well known fact that many people pay a lot of money for their cameras
but only get to use approximately 60% of the cameras capability!

That’s Crazy… Right?

But why is this so?

Generally it’s a lack of understanding
along with confusion as to how all the settings work.


So, lets say someone pays $1000 for their camera…
They’re only getting $600 value.
This equates to wasting a whopping $400!!!

Don’t let this be you when
Camera Simulator Pro gives you the power to unleash
your camera’s full potential to take dynamic photos every time

Yes, for the Click Photography Course Price of only $39
you can join the thousands of individuals and schools
using the Camera Simulator to enhance their camera setting
capability and photography skills
to get the very most value from your camera


Get More From Your Photography Experience
and know exactly how to master settings
for the best possible results?

Here’s Whats Included in your
Camera Simulator Pro Package of Tools

You get instant download access
so you can run the software on your own device

When you download your entire package of
Camera Simulator Pro Tools
you will get:


The Camera Simulator Pro
Gives you full virtual access to all the usual DSLR settings
including ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and various shooting modes


The All New Exposure Contraption
Get to fully understand the balance between
each setting and the amount of light in the environment
with this visually interactive balancing act


The Focus, Frame, Shoot Tool
Teaching you composition and how to frame your shots
for visual energy using interesting and engaging ways


The DSLR Fully Explained 
Its OK to know your settings but what is actually going on
inside your camera when you change the settings?
This fabulous visual representation of how light enters your camera
will totally demystify everything


The Exposure Compensation Tool 
Master varying light levels as you learn to “compensate” for
contrast and different light levels.
Experiment so you can see what it takes to create the
perfect, well balanced photo that displays detail in the primary subject.



Get this Pack of Ultimate Tools to short cut your path 
to understang camera settings 

Don’t waste the money you spent on your camera!
For a tiny investment of only $39,
all these tools will be yours
and instantly available right now for you to
 use immediately
to continue a very effective learning experience.

For just $39, here again is an outline of all the tools you’ll get 

Camera Simulator Pro

Consider Camera Simulator Pro as your virtual DSLR Camera

Take photos in various environments, times of day and different light conditions without leaving your computer.

This immersive tool allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how controls are affected by different variable.

Learn how everything works before investing money in equipment

The Exposure Contraption

Normally it takes photographers many hours of shooting with a camera before they truly understand the balance between ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and available light.

With just a few minutes experimenting and learning from this Exposure Contraption, you'll quickly get to understand this normally challenging concept.

Replicate and react to the change in light over the course of a day or practise by adjusting one setting at a time.

After using the Contraption Tool, you'll no longer have to rely on trial and error to get the perfect shot.


Focus Frame and Shoot


By this point you might have mastered the basics...

but, if you don't practise getting balance and interesting composition, your shots risk being boring !

This tool coaches you to frame your shots and quickly gain an understanding of the importance of composition rules, such as "Rule of Thirds" etc.

Focus, Frame, Shoot helps you to layout your shots in interesting and engaging ways.

It gives you the tools and feedback to build habits around taking compelling photos.




DSLR Visually Explained

See the workings inside a DSLR Camera.

By now you may have grasped an understanding of camera settings and controls like Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO etc.....but what is actually going on inside the camera when you change these controls?

The DSLR Explained Tool allows you to gain a visual and deeper understanding of how these controls work and the things that happen in the camera when you take a snap.



The Exposure Compensation Tool


This advanced technique allows you to use the skills you have already learnt to take more interesting photos.

Put simply, exposure compensation is a way to force the camera into making the photo darker or lighter to the amount you tell it.

This tool allows you to interact with and adjust exposure in real time.

No more uncertainty and frustration for you when taking photos at night.

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